Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Living as a Jain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Living as a Jain - Essay Example I was touched and gave him my only sweater to make him warm. In addition, I gave him 20 dollars to cater for his food. I had turned compassionate to the situation, something which Americans ignore. That day, I vowed to return to a nearby homeless station and donate some of my old clothes. The idea of doing well to the less fortunate warmed me up as I went to school. During lunch break, I met with a boy whom I have hated since my first day in school for being a bully, by remembering Jainism teachings; I opted to forgive him for his wrong doings and went forth with my other activities. It really felt nice after 10 years of hating him. In the afternoon, in having an impromptu exam which I had not prepared well for it, while most of my classmates were copying through their iPhones, I opted to stay ethical and do the right thing by not lying to myself. As the day ended, I decided not to accompany my girlfriend to her place and refrain from any romantic feelings just like any Jain would do. All in all, as the day ended, I was pleased to be part of the Jain

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