Thursday, November 21, 2019

Computer Science Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Computer Science Information System - Essay Example Solution: This system provides with user inputs to a large variety of questions to analyze their needs and future goals to get them the best they desire. Constant monitoring is a very important activity. Solution: They will be able to understand their system change requirements to cater better services to the members and win satisfaction and performance in the competitive market to give everyone the best service possible. Description: The primary system has the main process called the DSS system for fitness center. The users enquire the systems as for their requirements and get the answers relevant to their plans. The questions and answers are stored in a data store and the DSS system accesses it to retrieve the respective ones. The fitness experts do keep their info and the knowledge of the members with regard to their plans and performance. The databases include the 'general questions and answer', 'user info', 'fitness consultant info' and 'Company services list and eligibility criteria'. The main purpose of the DSS system to the management is to get the regular or periodic feedbacks about the system and also about the member's interests. It helps them in preparing an appropriate marketing strategy to bring in more customers and create a brand in the

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