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Hills Like White Elephants - 911 Words

Every day people make decisions that affect their future lives. What makes a right decision? What may be right to some may be wrong to others. Right and wrong decisions are objective and vary among each individual. â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants,† by Ernest Hemingway, portrays the idea of decision making between two characters in a valley in Spain as they wait for a train to arrive. Jig, the protagonist, attempts to make a crucial change in her life by making the right decision, although her flaws, including indecisiveness, prevent her from taking action in her decision. Jig and the American have had a romantic relationship for quite a while and now their future together is in jeopardy. The two of them are having a conversation on whether or not Jig should get an abortion. The man is trying to convince the woman to do something she is hesitant to do. Hemingway uses metaphors and symbolism to express their feelings and decision-making. â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† displays the differences in how a man and a woman may view pregnancy and abortion. Jig, a woman, sees pregnancy as a beautiful aspect in life. Hemingway uses symbolism in the couple’s conversation to imply the woman’s pregnancy. The woman refers to the nearby hills on the train platform as elephants; â€Å"They look like white elephants†. She compares the hills to her own situation, pregnancy; â€Å"They’re lovely hills. They don’t really look like white elephants. I just meant the coloring of their skin through the trees.†Show MoreRelatedHills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway859 Words   |  4 PagesHills Like White Elephants, short story by Ernest Hemingway, published in 1927 in the periodical transition and later that year in the collection Men Without Women. The themes of this sparsely written vignette about an American couple waiting for a train in Spain are almost entirely implicit. The story is largely devoid of plot and is notable for its use of irony, symbolism, and repetition. (Encyclopedia Britannica). The Short Story brings the read into a discussion, between a man and a girl. TheyRead MoreHills Like White Elephants1354 Words   |  5 PagesSymbolism in â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† Ernest Hemingway’s â€Å"The Hills Like White Elephants† is a short story published in 1927 about an American man and a woman named Jig. The setting of this story takes place at a train station located in Spain surrounded by hills, trees, and fields. Other devices used by Hemingway throughout this story include imagery, simile, excellent syntax, and a very tense and emotional tone. In the beginning of the story, the American and Jig sit outside of the trainRead MoreHills Like White Elephants996 Words   |  4 PagesErnest Hemingway’s short story â€Å"Hills like White Elephants† discusses the decision one girl must make and the consequences which accompany her choice. A â€Å"white elephant† is a valuable possession which its owner cannot dispose of but whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) exceeds its usefulness. The â€Å"white elephant† in Hemingway’s story is the unnamed situation and the choice which Jig, the protagonist, m ust make. This drama takes place in Spain in the 1920’s, during which time the majority ofRead MoreHills like white elephant5316 Words   |  22 PagesHills Like White Elephants: The Jilting of Jig Hashmi, Nilofer. The Hemingway Review, Volume 23, Number 1, Fall 2003, pp. 72-83 (Article) Published by University of Idaho Department of English DOI: 10.1353/hem.2004.0009 For additional information about this article Access Provided by Chulalongkorn University at 11/21/11 7:26AM GMT â€Å"hills like white elephants†: T h e j i lt i n g of j i g nilofer hashmi Georgia SouthernRead MoreThe Hills Like White Elephants1143 Words   |  5 PagesAfter reading â€Å"The Hills like White Elephants,† I discovered that there are a lot of interpretations that could be made to accompany this story. The story takes place at a bar across from a Spanish railroad crossing. The story states that there is no shade or trees, and that the hills are white. The story does not provide a plethora of information on the characters, it rather just jumps right into the story, leaving a lot to the imagination on how they got there. I do believe that this is done onRead MoreHills Like White Elephants1015 Words   |  5 PagesHills Like White Elephants, written by Ernest Hemingway, is a story that takes place in Spain while a man and woman wait for a train. The story is set up as a dialogue between the two, in which the man is trying to convince the woman to do something she is hesitant in doing. Through out the story, Hemingway uses metaphors to express the characters opinions and feelings. Hills Like White Elephants displays the differences in the way a man and a woman view pregnancy and abortion. The woman looksRead MoreHills Like White Elephants838 Words   |  4 PagesHills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants presents a fictional example of the modern day prevalence of miscommunication among others, namely men and women. Depicted through the couple and the present issue at hand, Hemingway strives to allude to the unfortunate truth that despite constant speaking among beings, genuine communication continues to fall short and is nearly nonexistent. Existing is the lack of productivity when the true feelings of both parties are notRead MoreHills Like White Elephants1715 Words   |  7 PagesHills Like White Elephants shows a seemingly simple discussion between Jig and an American man about the possibility of an operation. Yet, when the story is dissected it becomes apparent that they are discussing the possibility of an abortion. Nothing in the short story is mentioned or said without signaling a greater or different meaning. Hemingway used the surroundings of the train station to impact the story and designed the characters to properly show two varying personalities. Even though thisRead MoreHills Like White Elephants1266 Words   |  6 Pagesanalysis, I shall attempt to examine some aspects of the core issue of abortion through a short story, and observe the climax, tension, and heart felt emotions people endure because of their differently held cultural views. The short story â€Å"Hills like White Elephants† was written by Ernest Hemingway in 1927. He brought the characters to life with his vivid imagery and strong dialogue. The short story is about a young couple in the country of Spain, awaiting the arrival of a commuter train outside a restaurantRead MoreHills Like White Elephants Lessons968 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† by Ernest Hemingway is a short story every student studying English Composition should read. The narrative explores the difficult topic of abortion which college students should read about. Not only did the story explore the couples dynamic it also d elved into the feelings each partner had about the pregnancy. In â€Å"On Reading Fiction†, the author explains that readers enjoy fiction for three reasons, because it is an escape from reality, a possible answer to problems

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